How to Ensure a Smooth Transition with the Number One Family Lawyer

The Law Offices of Dodge & Vega PLC in Phoenix has been serving clients with their family law cases for more than 40 years. They are dedicated to the success of their clients, whether it be for divorce, child custody, juvenile or adoption matters. They take the time to understand their clients’ needs and objectives so they can work towards a positive outcome.

When choosing the number one family lawyer in Phoenix, it is important to choose an attorney with the right experience and expertise for your particular legal matter. Some attorneys handle a broad range of family and general legal issues, while others specialize in specific areas of the law such as divorce, child custody, domestic violence, or property division. When deciding who to hire, ask for recommendations from friends and family members, but make sure you choose an attorney with the specific expertise required for your case.

Family law is a broad field that includes legal matters related to marriage, divorce, children, and support. Some of these issues are common and many are highly sensitive. These problems can be emotionally taxing for families and are difficult to navigate on your own. An experienced family law attorney can help you navigate these difficult times and help your family get through them.

In Arizona, a divorce is possible if both spouses want it and one party claims that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. The spouse seeking a divorce does not have to provide a reason or attend marital counseling in order to get a divorce. In addition, there are alternatives to divorce such as legal separation or annulment.

Many parents are very involved in their children’s daily lives prior to a divorce and desire to continue to be an active part of their kids’ lives after the divorce. Arizona law recognizes this and tries to be as gender neutral as possible in parenting and decision-making cases. However, every case is different and some parenting decisions may still be more beneficial to mothers than fathers.

In almost all divorce cases involving children, at least some form of child support is ordered by the Court. This is usually based on each party’s income, the expenses for the child’s health care insurance and uncovered medical bills, as well as each parent’s parenting time with the child. A Judge may deviate from these presumed guidelines in certain circumstances. Military service members also have unique situations that can complicate a family law case. Attorney John Schill, himself a combat veteran, is experienced in dealing with these types of cases and offers a discount for active duty and retired military members.

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